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This week we bring you an interview with Kurt Osiander.  Kurt is a BJJ black belt under Ralph Gracie.  This episode contains explicit language and some controversy, we did interview Kurt Osiander after all.Kurt Osiander

We talk about:

  • The start of "Kurt Osiander's The Move of the Week"
  • Etiquette and respect in his gym
  • His Yelp reviews
  • His don't ask don't tell policy
  • Homosexuals at his gym
  • Why he does not like classes for beginners
  • BJJ is not for everyone
  • His work with Mission 22
  • What got him started with BJJ
  • His students doing wrestling in school
  • His MMA career
  • The KO Finisher tournament
  • Open mat at his school
  • Learning new moves
  • Learning online and still needing a coach
  • Giving someone a blue belt
  • Advice for a student doing a first tournament
  • Training and hanging out with Anthony Bourdain


Quote of the week: Presented by last weeks interview John Will "Never interrupt you enemy when he is making a mistake" Napoleon Bonaparte 

Article of the week: "All roads lead to Rome .... a BJJ concept." By John Will

After the interview Byron and Gary have a conversation about gay people training BJJ. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Catch us next week for another episode of The BjjBrick Podcast


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