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Today we bring you the first episode of our Metamoris 3 preview.  We have an interview with Zak Maxwell, he will be competing in Metamoris 3 against Sean Roberts.  Zak is a black belt he is currently training at Gracie San Diego.  

Some of Zak Maxwell's accomplishments:

Pan American Champion as Purple and Brown belts.

World Champion as a Brown belt.

Pan American Absolute as a Brown belt.

3X ADCC pro trials as a Black belt.

Metamoris 3 will be the first time Zak has been in a submission only match.  We talk to him about his match with Sean Roberts.  Zak also tells us what it was like for him to start training as a kid.  Zak also offers some of his competition tips.


Zak Maxwell's Gi sponsor is HyperFly.  Swing by their website and if you get a Gi tell them thanks for supporting Zak!



Quote of the week- “Look at what you have, not what you want.” Roy Marsh



Article of the week- 10 Tips to help the Non-Competitors Stay Motivated. From

Zak Maxwell's Facebook page

Gracie San Diego


Our Roy Marsh interview


Next week we have an interview with Zak Maxwell's opponent Sean Roberts.

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