BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

Dominique Bell is a brown belt training and teaching at Atos Jiujitsu HQ - San Diego. Dominique has been on fire on the mats and is definitely a person you should be watching. In his spare time he is the person behind BjjComics.

We talk about:

  • Training BJJ full time
  • Training in the army combative program
  • Moving across the country to train at Atos
  • Similarities of BJJ and rock climbing
  • The differences in his gi and nogi game
  • His bottom game strategy for nogi
  • His first experiences doing jiu-jitsu
  • How he prepares mentally and physically 30 min before a mach
  • Why it is so important to have a game plan


Article of the week: Competing in mid-adulthood: How to train to win after age 35

Quote of the week:  "It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it." Voltaire


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