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This week we talk with BJJ Black Belt Jonathan Thomas about the elements of performance. You will find Jonathan training and teaching at Valhalla Jiu-Jitsu in Gothenburg Sweden.

We talk about:

  • His early history and success in BJJ
  • Some of his favorite techniques
  • Training according to your body type
  • "If you cant do the move in sparing you cant do the move"
  • The five factors that define performance Technique, Strength, Mobility, Endurance, Mindset
  • How some people put too much emphasis on the mental side of BJJ
  • How to actually learn from your losses
  • How to properly develop technique
  • How he runs a class
  • Finding a training partner to get extra training
  • How to avoid being in a plateau
  • Advice on how to develop your game
  • Using competition footage to learn
  • Building strength for BJJ
  • Training while injured
  • Steroid use in BJJ
  • Training for better endurance
  • Being nervous is normal
  • The limits of confidence
  • Diet and nutrition


Quote of the week:  "Controlling your time helps overcome frustration and brings life into balance and order, giving you the feeling of control and poise."  Bill Newman

Article of the week: The Artist v The Athlete


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