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Rafael Ellwanger is from Rio De Janeiro, he has been a BJJ black belt since April 10, 2006.  He opened his won gym called Gracie United, in Hammond Louisiana.  Gracie United has 15 schools in or near the Louisiana area.

Rafael Ellwanger
Rafael Ellwanger

We talk about:

  • Rafael's early BJJ, and an accident off the mat that broke both his legs
  • Why it can be difficult to start BJJ
  • How safe BJJ can be compared to training other sports
  • The rules of IBJJF
  • His thoughts on the double guard pull and the 50/50
  • Some of the current rules of BJJ
  • His early training in Brazil
  • His family not wanting him to do BJJ for a living
  • Some of the rewards off the mat of BJJ
  • The social benefits of BJJ
  • Teaching BJJ full time
  • Training with lower belts
  • Some older BJJ matches

Contact Rafael Ellwanger on his website or on his facebook page.

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The BjjBrick Podcast has been going for 1 Year with this episode!!  We have managed to pull off an episode every week.  We (try to quickly) go down the episode list for anyone who has missed something that you might want to go back and check.

Quote of the week:"Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler" Albert Einstein- Presented by Matt Thorton

Article of the week: Breaking Down the Notebook by White Belt Survival Strategy 


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