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Submission Series Promotions is the biggest submission only host in Canada.Their second event "The Takeover" takes place Saturday, June 20 in Halifax Ns.  In this episode we bring you interviews with two of the athletes that are competing in this event.TakeOver bjj

Jason Gagnon- Jason is a brown belt under Cobrinha.  You can find Jason training at Genesis Martial Arts in Abbotsford, BC. He will be competing against Hood Rich of Zuma MMA.  Jason's Facebook page.

Josh Wincey- Josh is a black belt under Kevin Taylor.  Josh trains at Titans MMA.  His is competing against Andris Brunovskis on The Takeover card.  Josh's Facebook page.

Quote of the week: Presented by James Puopolo "True strength is not always shown through victory.  Stand up, try again and display strength of heart." Rickson Gracie

Article of the week: "The One Secret Trick to Getting Good at BJJ"

First year of BJJ

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