BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

We have a good mix of people talking about gi vs nogi training.

Byron likes both, Gary is a nogi guy, and Matt likes the gi more but the nogi rules.

The gi game can be described like a game of 5 vs 5.  More technical and slower pace.

·         More difficult to escape

·         Grips make a huge difference

·         More techniques

The no gi game is like a 2 vs 2 basketball game.  Fast pace and lot more hustle.

·         Underhooks and overhooks are the “grips “ of no-gi

·         Leg locks become a big factor

·         More scrambles

We talk about starting out your grappling career with the gi or without it.

You should be rolling any chance you can.  With our without the gi.

If you are interested in belt promotions you need to be training with the gi.

Some of the best grapplers in your gym may be training with the gi.  Put a gi on and join them.



Quote of the week: Keep your friends close and your elbows closer.

Article of the week: this week it is a video! Cobrinha break down from adcc 2013. From Ostapbjj

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