BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

This week we bring you an interview with 22 year old BJJ black belt competitor Dante Leon. Dante has shown his skill on the mats as a color belt winning many big tournaments, now he has his eyes set on the black belt division.

We talk about:

  • Training GFTeam Toledo
  • Starting training at 12 years old
  • Compeating with adults as a kid
  • Preferences on gi and no-go
  • Weight lifting using the conjugate method
  • The mental side of competition


Dante Leon is our second guest to play Family Feud he did great with a score of 125.

Quote of the week: "The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it." Wayne Gretzky  A prank was pulled on Gary during this quote.

Article of the week: Finding my groove again


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Catch us next week for another episode of The BjjBrick Podcast

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