BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

This week we have an interview with Black Belt Laurence Griffiths. Laurence is a guy who looks at the fitness research and applies the information to helping you perform better on the mats.

We talk about:

  • Changing from rugby to BJJ
  • Starting BJJ with Roger Gracie
  • His first competition as a white belt
  • Some benefits of strength training for BJJ
  • How you can train off the mat like a world champion
  • How to schedule your off the mat training
  • Using kettlebells for BJJ and some recommended lifts
  • How to improve your grip strength
  • Common mistakes people make when starting a strength and conditioning program


Quote of the week: "Goal setting is a powerful tool and process for motivating you. When effective goals are set, a giant step towards the life you desire is taken." K.C. Rowntree

Article of the week: Five tips to be welcomed in almost any gym on Earth!


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