BjjBrick Podcast- BJJ, no-gi and good times!

This week we have an interview with David Aguzzi founder of Grappling Industries the fastest growing BJJ competition. Grappling Industries has a round robin format that gets competitors lots of matches. They currently sit in the number two spot for biggest BJJ competition organizations.

We talk about:

  • How Grappling Industries started
  • The round robin format
  • The popularity of Gi compared to no-gi
  • The reasons why no-gi is not as popular as gi
  • Different belt ranks at tournaments
  • Grappling Industries competing with NAGA
  • How Grappling Industries is improving their tournaments
  • David’s thoughts about the future of BJJ
  • If BJJ will ever be in the olympics
  • Having Pro MMA fighters enter a BJJ tournament
  • Why scrambles cause injuries
  • Giving points for knee on stomach
  • Why he recommends that most people don’t cut weight
  • Some behind the scenes info about a tournament
  • Some options for people who can’t afford to pay the entry fee


Quote of the week: “Good fences make good neighbors” Robert Frost

Article of the week: From a World-Class Rower, Tips to Sharpen Technique

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